The First Vegetarian Food Truck in Hong Kong

“Eat for Fullness” at Jajabao

JAJAMBAO stands for “Eat for Fullness” in Chinese slang, which also rhymes with a classic Mandarin movie theme song “Too Happy for Words” that reminds Hong Kong people of the good old times when life was fun-filled and food was wholesome. Through its visual creative and vegetarian dish design, JAJAMBAO takes customers back to revisit this all-time classic era of simple joy and excitement with a new twist.


JAJAMBAO believes street foods are not necessarily bland and boring. They can be trendy, tasty and healthy with an injection of creativity. With an increasing awareness of pursuing a healthier lifestyle, demand on vegetarian food is rapidly on the rise. JAJAMBAO aims to revolutionize the traditional street snack culture by reinventing a series of classic Chinese vegetarian dishes with a different approach. The result? A perfect blending of traditional flavours with brand new culinary sensations that elevates the Hong Kong style light refreshments to new heights.


The menu of JAJAMBAO not only represents a green and healthy choice, but also complements the existing food landscape and other food trucks.


A little bit about us

JAJAMBAO will train and hire the person with disabilities to run part of the operation, creating a perfect showcase of their skills and talents and encourage more outplacement opportunities for them in the future.